Thursday, May 6, 2010

First entry!

I am putting together this blog so folks that are not on Facebook can see what we are all about and add comments to move the cause along. Colington Road is the second most traveled secondary road in the state of North Carolina and is long over due for a safe multi-use path to connect the Colington Islands to the rest of the Outer Banks.

Roanoke Island is connected to the beach via a multi-use path. It is possible to travel to the town of Duck and even farther north using a safe multi-use path. Colington, which happens to be right in the central part of the beach, has been left out too long. We need DOT to make this project a reality.

Colington Road does have a multi-use section that starts at the by-pass and continues to Baum Bay. A wonderful start. Taking this huge project into manageable sections, let's go for continuing the path to the first bridge. It must be a multi-use path. A bike shoulder would only create a false sense of security for an already dangerous situation.

Ideas and suggests very welcome!

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